Monday, 11 November 2013

11th November 2013 Osprey Reef Trip Returns

11th November 2013
Osprey Reef Trip Returns
Summer trading at Go Dive Brisbane started Sunday our new trading hours can be found on the website. We are now open 7 days.
We have our first social/presentation night this Thursday from 6pm to 9pm. BBQ, drinks and new dive buddies can be found at our retail store.
DiveQuest ran charters on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with some amazing diving had over the three days. Manta Ray, Flat Rock and Shag were dived over the three days. Unfortunately Sunday there was a huge current at Flat and Shag but we managed to tuck into a small spot where we managed to hide from the current at Shag Rock and managed two dives there. We Managed to sneak across to Manta for a dive a swum with Viz ranging from 20m to 10m over the 3 days.
The Manta Rays are back and we got to swim with a solitary Manta on the weekend. The excitement on the boat could hardly be restrained. Thankfully it was and managed to safely get everyone back to the marina without to much fuss.
We would like to offer a huge congratulations to the following students for completing their courses with us over the weekend. To Alex for completing your Deep Course, Christina, Leon, Lorieza, Bradley for completing your Open Water Course, and to Mark who we welcome back to diving after a time away by completing A Scuba Tune Up course. We hope to see you all out on DiveQuest with us again soon!
Osprey Reef with Spirit Of Freedom
by Mark Robertson
Wow is all I can say, it was some of the best diving I have had in Far North Queensland and in Australia as a whole. 15 dives were had over the five days 4 nights that we were aboard Spirit Of Freedom. I was pretty lucky to get to spend my Birthday on the first night when we all arrived in Cairns with a couple of stories and drinks shared by all at The Salt House on the water front. We did all make it back to our Hotels for our early wake up call to jump aboard the light aircraft that was taking us on a scenic flight up to Lizard Island where we were to meet Spirit Of Freedom. Some concerns were had by some of us as we went a little over our 20kg baggage restriction. Opps!!
Once on the boat and a boat safety briefing and cabins allocated we steamed off to the first two at Pixie Gardens and Ribbon Reef 9 . These are called orientation dives or feel out dives so the crew on board can work out who is more capable and who needs a little help. Overnight we headed across the Coral Sea to arrive as the sun rose at Osprey Reef. The early morning dive at Halfway Wall was spectacular with crystal clear water and amazing coral formations on the 1,000m deep wall to weave in and around.(more)