Tuesday, 16 September 2014

15th September 2014 - Amazing Diving Conditions

Photo 1 taken by Tori Templeman
Finally a break in the weather allowed 3 amazing days of diving over the weekend! Friday we completed one dive at Turtle Caves before heading around to the other side of the rock for a dive at Shark Alley. 3 Grey Nurse, one over 3m in length! Saturday we had to utilize Shag Rock for the 1st 2 dives as we were depth restricted to 12m with Day 1 of an Open Water Course and the Coral Gardens (shallow site) mooring buoy at Flat Rock has disappeared. Third Dive of the day was an awesome drift dive from Turtle Caves to Coral Gardens, Flat Rock. We were lucky and saw a huge school of BIG Barracuda, a 2m Grouper, Guitar Shark, Bull Ray, and 1 very friendly turtle and came in for a nice close look. Sunday we were back at Turtle Caves for 2 more enjoyable dives! Viz averaged 15-20m over the weekend and whales sang their beautiful songs while we were on our dive!
We would like to congratulate Jeremy, Carly, Liz, Mark, Graeme, Jerry and Roger who completed their Open Water Courses, Jodi and Tori who completed their Advanced Open Water Courses and Rowan who completed his Deep Diver Specialty with us over the weekend.

DiveQuest is heading out to North Straddie Friday with limited space available, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather on Saturday as we again try for an Advanced Only dive site, this time to China Wall and Henderson's Reef! Saturday is fully booked. Sunday is also fully booked with a private charter scheduled.
 We are off on another Advanced Only Dive Day on Saturday 18th October, this time our destinations will be aimed at Cementco and Smiths Rock with 7 spots still left on this trip! For those who aren't up for some tricky diving, we will also be heading to Cook Island on Saturday 18th October with 9 Spots Left.
We have scheduled a special 3 dive afternoon trip on Saturday 15th November, heading to Flinders Reef with the last dive being a NIGHT Dive!   8 Spots left on this trip!

DiveQuest has some busy weekends coming up, so if you're wanting to dive in the next few weeks make sure you get in early to avoid disappointment.  Go to www.godive.com.au to see what trips we have coming up.